J1939 - Engine Control Kit

J1939 - Engine Control Kit


The digital gateway systems, available in the Speedometer or Tachometer, is a feature-rich, intuitive engine monitoring solution for the instrument market.

The digital instrumentation communicates directly with the J1939, NMEA2000 and SmartCraft protocols used by the engine ECU providing an important link between the operator and the engine ECU. With just a push of a button the operator can tell the status of the health of the engine including diagnostic messages, fault alerts, and parameter information.

With a full featured J1939 interface the MG3000 series instruments provide a complete interface for virtually any SAE J1939 data.

Connect to analog and digital signals to reduce installed costs significantly.

The MG3000 and other digital instruments from Faria are fully scalable from a single gauge solution to a full feature multi-gauge applications.


The 128x64 LCD display provides an easy to read viewing area for system configuration and virtually any data reported by the ECU.

M150L20 display

The display is available with multiple RGB colors.


The MG3000 can be configured with or with out the three front-mounted push button function selectors. These buttons control the user configurable software and provide access to variable menus and selections.

The MG3000 also allows for remote input device for control of the screens and data viewing.


Faria can help design your own custom graphics. Many dial ranges and scales are available including lens type, bezel color, pointer color and back-lighting.


The enclosure is molded from Poycarbonate plastic with integrated Deutsch style connector shells (sockets) and is sealed against water intrusion in accordance with Ingress Protection (IP) rating IP67. Wires terminate to a sealed Deutsch weatherproof connector.

The case is available in three water tight configurations from fully waterproof to vented.

Depending on instrument type the case is available in 2, 4 and 5 inch standard hole sizes.


A digital stepper motor drives the pointers in Faria?s digital instruments. The stepper motor increases the accuracy and reliability of the instrument while reducing jittery pointers and providing longer life with a lower power requirement.


A water tight 12-pin and 6-pin connector is used for plug-in installation.


The M150L displays diagnostic messages from the ECU per J1939 format. All DM1 and DM2 diagnostic messages from the Engine ECU are reported. Engine specific diagnostics messages are available for specified engines. (See part number section for list of specific engine types.) Alarms are indicated with a Red LCD display backlight. Warnings are indicated with an Amber LCD display backlight.

M150L20 display

Fuel Level

User configurable analog input for fuel level sensors. US 240-33 and Euro 10-180 ohm senders can be selected.

Maintenance Interval

User configurable maintenance interval. When programmed system provides warning message when maintenance interval has expired.

Other Gauges

Multiple discrete gauges are available in multiple configurations including Multifunction instruments and individual gauges. Each gauge is daisy chained into the system simplifying installation. Add up to 10 gauges from a single gateway systems instrument.

Discrete Gauges


  • Tier 4 Compatible
  • LCD data in 5 languages
  • Seasonal and Trip Data
  • Pop-Up screens for quick information display and warnings
  • Alarm codes with suggested actions
  • Data log for fault codes
  • A single Gateway instrument can monitor up to 5 tanks or other analog signals
  • Calibrate Fuel Level and Speed in gauge
  • Initialization mode to assist in gauge set-up
  • Superior Sunlight readable display
  • Units can be displayed in US standard or Metric
  • Gear position indicators
    • CAN Bus
      • J-1939
      • NMEA2000
      • SmartCraft®
    • Direct Pressure
      • (30 PSI -200 kP)
      • (145 PSI - 10000 kP)
    • Analog Inputs
      • 5 Analog inputs are available
      • (Customer specific)
  • IP67 Rated

Gauge Sizes Available:
4" - Hole size: 3.375" (85mm)
5" - Hole size: 4.375" (112mm)

Parts available
Catalog # Factory # Size Description