Oil & Gas

Enhance Efficiency, Improve Safety

Knowing where equipment is and if it’s ready to work can save delays, work disruptions and logistics expense.

Efficiency: Tracking equipment location and utilization allows for timely and accurate billing for services and equipment rental. Receive early warning of equipment and engine faults to minimize breakdown and repair expense. Track equipment hours and fuel consumption to know when service is due, and log carbon emissions.

Safety: Provide employees the ability to “check-in” or “check-out” from any location via an Iridium® Satellite linked Pendant. Workers can actively or passively call for help when in remote areas — in or away from their vehicle — engage escalation procedures in near real-time, and communicate with the office when out of cellular range.

Accountability: Monitor propulsion, extraction and generator engines for fuel efficiency, consumption, state of health and engine operating hours.

Quality and Reliability

Faria Beede is uniquely placed to offer you a total solution covering all classes of assets and operations on both Land (Conventional Drilling and Fracking) and Offshore O&G (Supply Boats and Platforms).

All our hardware is built on ISO 9001:2015 registered production lines and tested for use in the harshest C & I, Mining, Oil & Gas and Maritime environments. From the North Slopes of Alaska, to Workboats in the North Sea, you can be confident that your Faria Beede EntelNet&trad; Telematics solution will continue to perform.

EntelNet™ and Faria Beede's Telematics Advantage

  • Turnkey Service: We supply a turnkey service including systems design, website and backoffice integration (APIs), hardware, firmware customization/integration, and installation (through qualified installers or in conjunction with your in-house team.) We then provide ongoing post-deployment support and customization.
  • Rapid RoI: Customers typically report less than six months, from date of installation, to achieving a positive return-on-investment (RoI.)
  • Support: The level of support you demand. We understand that you operate in a high-consequence environment. Where needed, our technical support staff are available 24x7x365* to troubleshoot issues, provide support, and ship replacement hardware overnight to most locations.**
  • Worldwide coverage***: Our Iridium satellite based solutions are designed to operate in the most caustic and industrial environments and provide true global coverage. You now have the option to select a single global supplier, to cover all Operating Companies and Project Locations.

* Additional service fees apply
** United States only, international locations typically 2-7 days
*** Subject to local licensing restrictions on Iridium service

Worker Protection

Suitable for: All Work-Alone applications, Remote Site-teams, Oil Platform Crews.

    Features Include:
  • Monitor both the worker and their asset (truck, ATV etc.)
  • The only solution providing global coverage, including when the worker is indoors at a site.
  • Dedicated Panic button sends immediate alert.
  • Configurable no-motion alerting.
  • LCD display for two-way pre-configured messaging for dispatch/logistics purposes.
  • Battery life of 12 hours, to cover an entire workday without requiring recharging.
  • Intrinsically Safe Worker Safety Pendant, suitable for use in hazardous environments.
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Mobile Assests

Suitable for: Trucks, ATVs, Snowmobiles and any other mobile asset used.

    Features Include:
  • Monitor GPS location and over 150 engine parameters remotely.
  • Alert vehicle operators about speeding, engine over-rev, and other dangerous operating events.
  • Install our 7" VTerm display for electronic operator log-books and dispatching/scheduling applications.
  • Monitor vehicle tire pressure and temperature to improve fuel efficiency and tire life and protect against potential hazards from over/under inflation.
  • Connect most SCADA sensors for additional information.
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Movable/Fixed Assests

Suitable for: Generators, Switching Equipment, SCADA (Modbus, CANbus, RS-232/422 connected systems.)

    Features Include:
  • Remote start/stop equipment via web manager tool.
  • Log hours of use and productivity via standard or custom reports.
  • Monitor fuel efficiency & consumption, state of health and engine hours to assist in service scheduling.
  • Receive real time engine fault alerts and preform remote diagnostics.
  • Only Iridium® satellite service offers real-time global coverage, including in locations where some other satellite networks cannot reach (valleys, or close to other structures such as buildings.)
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Supply Boats

Suitable for: All categories of Workboats, featuring engine telemetry integration with CAT® and Cummins® engines.

    Features Include:
  • Monitor GPS location and over 150 engine parameters.
  • Monitor fuel efficiency & consumption, state of health and engine hours to assist in service scheduling.
  • Log vessel location and dwell time to determine billing events for customers and comply with conditions of charter.
  • 7" touchscreen operator display for dispatching, scheduling and electronic logbooks.
  • Generate time (logbook) and fuel consumption reports in a format acceptable to the oil majors.
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