Faria Beede's high level of flexibility, competitive pricing and unsurpassed quality have helped to make Faria Beede a World-Leading manufacturer of engine instrumentation.

Our in-house, innovative product design and development, component manufacture, and instrument assembly allows us to respond quickly to the market's needs. Quality dependable products and a brand name you can trust.

All Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. are performance proven under the most demanding conditions. You can rely on our American made products for quality, durability, and easy installation.

Not your old Run-of-a-Mill instrument manufacturer

We have been manufacturing Instrumentation for more than 60 years and today we have made the transition from an electric and mechanical gauge manufacturer to an electronics hardware and software design company. Utilizing the latest in electronics hardware Faria Beede offers the the very latest in electronic instrumentation.


Convert your existing fleet into "smart-steel" with a Faria Beede solution. We have taken engine monitoring to the next level. Gain valuable insight into your operations, detect maintenance issues earlier, and offer improved safety & security to your employees and contractors.

Our M2M solution, EntelNet™, is the technology used to monitor mobile assets including Oil & Gas Assets, Work Boats, Fishing Vessels, Mining Equipment, Trains and Individual Workers in high-risk areas.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is an integral part of Internet of Things (IOT), one of the fastest growing areas of technology. The information gathered by the Faria Beede M2M systems is transformed into actionable intelligence—via sophisticated reports and alerts.


There are more than 300 boat manufacturers world wide using Faria Beede gauges. We lead the industry with a wide variety of instruments and engine monitoring devices.

Automotive and Commercial

Faria Beede is leading the way in the commercial and recreational markets and is a leading manufacturer of instruments for Generator and Pump sets.

Agricultural, Recreational and Heavy Duty

Today Faria Beede continues to grow in the Agricultural, Truck, Bus & Recreational Vehicle market with J1939 CAN Instrument Systems.


Faria Beede is the primary manufacturer of instrumentation for military vehicles, and currently manufactures virtually all of the instrumentation for military vehicles including the AM General Hummer, various Armored Personnel Carriers and the Abrams and M-1 Tank.

Military contracts are awarded to approved vendors on price and price alone; Faria Beede has been awarded these contracts year after year. Faria Beede continues to successfully provide the United States Military with the very best instrumentation in the World.

We invite you to find out more about us and how we can help you and engine monitoring needs.