Protect your investment

Our Iridium® satellite and GSM based solutions keep you connected at all times, anywhere in the world.*

Packages are available to track your Recreational Boat in real-time via GPS, receive security alerts from the alarm system, set geofences (i.e. to manage charterers or other users), and remote-control switching equipment (lights etc.)

Direct engine integration allows your dealer to remotely diagnose engine issues, saving you time and money.

* Subject to local licensing restrictions.

Who watches your boat when you are not there? FB-Sentry is a low cost boat monitoring system that won’t cost you lots of money but will give you great peace of mind. With the FB-Sentry installed boat owners can connect directly to their boat from any smart phones or internet connected device. FB-Sentry is a free web app that can be accessed anywhere there is internet connectivity.

From the web app the boat owner can monitor their boat’s vital systems in real time, set up alerts for unusual activity and even control desired functions like lighting, refrigeration, or air conditioning. All of this for just a small monthly monitoring fee.

Our Iridium® Satellite and Cellular based solutions offer improved efficiency, less downtime, and better visibility into the operations of your fleet or vessel.

Packages include real-time vessel management services, GPS tracking, engine & fuel monitoring, and two-way messaging and dispatch functions — all integrated with our 7" touchscreen terminal (Optional) and cloud based back-office user interface (accessed via your Desktop Web Browser or Smart Phone.)

Our fuel monitoring electronic-forms package records both time and fuel usage by activity (on-charter, off-charter, idle) and customer.

Active engine monitoring helps prevent failures and allows your dealer to remotely diagnose engine issues, which can save an initial service visit.

Quality and Reliability

Faria Beede is uniquely placed to offer you a total solution covering all classes of assets and operations on both Land (Conventional Drilling and Fracking) and Offshore O&G (Supply Boats and Platforms).

All our hardware is built on registered production lines and tested for use in the harshest C & I, Mining, Oil & Gas and Maritime environments. From the North Slope of Alaska, to Workboats in the North Sea, you can be confident that your Faria Beede EntelNet™ and FB-Sentry telematics solutions will continue to perform.

Faria Beede's Telematics Advantage

  • Turnkey Service: We supply a turnkey service including systems design, website and backoffice integration (APIs), hardware, firmware customization/integration, and installation (through qualified installers or in conjunction with your in-house team.) We then provide ongoing post-deployment support and customization.
  • Rapid RoI: Customers typically report less than six months, from date of installation, to achieving a positive return-on-investment (RoI.)
  • Support: The level of support you demand. We understand that you operate in a high-consequence environment. Where needed, our technical support staff are available 24x7x365* to troubleshoot issues, provide support, and ship replacement hardware overnight to most locations.**
  • Worldwide coverage***: Our Iridium satellite based solutions are designed to operate in the most caustic and industrial environments and provide true global coverage. You now have the option to select a single global supplier, to cover all Operating Companies and Project Locations.

* Additional service fees apply
** United States only, international locations typically 2-7 days
*** Subject to local licensing restrictions on Iridium service