Your Telematics Solution Starts Here

Convert your existing fleet into "smart-steel" with a Telematics solution from Faria Beede. You can gain valuable insight into your operations, detect maintenance issues earlier, and offer improved safety & security to your employees and contractors.

Delivering clear return-on-investment (RoI) is the paramount goal. Customers often report a positive RoI within six months of installing their Faria Beede solution.

We offer solutions for Mobile Assets (i.e. workers, trucks, trains, vessels), Movable Assets (i.e. generators, fracking tanks), and Fixed Assets (SCADA solutions). If you operate, or supply to customers who operate, these types of assets in remote locations then Faria Beede is the supplier of choice.

Our solutions are specifically designed for the Commercial & Industrial (C&I), Oil & Gas, Fisheries and Marine environments. We specialize in M2M communication technologies, to reach even the most remote locations. Faria Beede has Telematics solutions which include Cellular (GSM/GPRS), Iridium® satellite and Wi-Fi only technologies.

Connected In All The Right Places

Our team of engineering experts have an average of 15 years experience each in the detailed workings of engine control systems, SCADA, telemetry and wireless communications.

We have the specialized access and license agreements with leading equipment manufacturers necessary to access the proprietary protocol extensions found on trucks, mining equipment, generators and maritime engines.

  • We integrate across the entire spectrum of the communication stack, including:
    • Protocols: CANbus, J1939, NMEA-2000, Modbus and many more
    • Data Communications: Iridium, GSM, WiFi, Zigbee and RFID
    • User Interfaces: Web (HTML5), Windows CE, Android

Quality, Flexibility and Reliability

All our hardware is manufactured at ISO 9001:2015 registered facilities and backed by Faria Beede's market-leading warranty and equipment replacement program. Our communications and web-tier services are hosted with leading Data Center providers.

As our customers' appreciation of the benefits from Telematics data evolves, it is common that we are asked to optimize the data captured, and other operating parameters of hardware already installed in the field. Support for this remote re-configuration is a critical, but often overlooked, aspect in planning a Telematics deployment. All our products provide a high degree of over-the-air (OTA) re-configuration, protecting your investment and maximizing the benefit to you, and your customers, from deploying an Faria Beede solution.

Services Offered

  • Website: We provide a custom website to visualize the information from your fleet – customized with your company's own logo, colors, and logon page. For distributors and OEM partners this includes tools to manage activations, and grant access to your customers to monitor their individual fleets.
  • Telemetry: We connect to engine management systems, data recorders, other equipment (i.e. conveyers/crushers), and a wide range of analog sensors (fuel/temperature/pressure) – giving you a precise, real-time, record of the operating status and condition of your fleet, and any connected equipment.
  • Communications: We offer Iridium, Cellular and Wi-Fi based options – with least-cost-routing (LCR) to optimize airtime charges.
  • Back-office: APIs are provided for access to your data, which can be integrated into existing corporate Dispatch, Scheduling, Maintenance and ERP systems.
  • Hardware: We select the appropriate hardware for integration.
  • Installation: We can coordinate installation through our network of qualified installers, or work with your in-house team; providing engineering schematics and training for self-installs.
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