Worker Protection

Safety is the Number 1 Priority

Providing safety & security for workers at remote locations has always presented a challenge, particularly in work alone situations. New regulations will require that workers in high-risk occupations be linked in real-time to a response center, so assistance can be provided quickly in the event of an accident.

We offer a unique solution to meet these new regulatory requirements, by combining a GPS equipped Safety Pendant (as used by fire departments and other emergency responders) with a purpose-designed Iridium® Satellite Relay — extending real-time coverage to workers who operate in the most remote and extreme of environments.

The Faria Beede Advantage

Other solutions operate only within the range of a base station, or within cellular coverage areas. If your crews operate in remote areas then satellite is the only option. If explosion is a risk — a particular concern for workers in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction industries — then Intrinsically Safe certification is also mandatory.

Not all satellite services are created equal. Some suffer from 'latency' (the time taken from when the Panic button is pressed until the Alert is received.) Others operate in one direction only, and cannot be used for dispatch and scheduling. Standalone satellite communicators do not work indoors and cannot transmit if the employee experiences an accident and falls on their device. Only the Iridium® service offers reliable real-time coverage in valleys, and when the vehicle is parked next to buildings or other structures.

Our solution — an intrinsically safe Pendant paired with a Satellite Relay on the vehicle — is the only solution providing truly global two-way coverage and protection, even when the employee is indoors at the site. Pendants carry Intrinsically Safe certification and an IP67 rating. Relays carry an IP66 environmental rating, for protection from rain, dust and moisture.

Lone Worker

How it Works

Each employee or contractor is issued a Safety Pendant, providing:

  • A dedicated Panic button
  • Automatic Alerting if movement stops
  • Two-way text messaging for Safety/Logistics/Dispatch purposes
  • Real-time GPS location of both the Worker (via the Pendant) and Vehicle (truck, snowmobile, ATV), providing a backup location report


Each Pendant is linked to an Iridium® Satellite Relay located on the worker's vehicle:

  • The Relay can be deployed per-worker, or in team mode to cover up to 100 workers at the same site (for example, when installed at the construction office)
  • Zero installation time: The Relay attaches via mag. mount, and can be recharged via a standard cigarette lighter attachment. A 14 hour battery means the Relay is able to operate for an entire workday, without requiring external power.
  • Easily movable between assets: For example, if your crew drives to remote sites then transfers to ATVs or Snowmobiles to reach more remote locations
  • Automatic on-off when detached from the vehicle, to preserve battery life
  • The only satellite solution providing less than 30 seconds latency* (typical) when transferring a message from the Safety Pendant, including in areas where other satellite networks lack coverage.

How Alert Notification Are Communicated

When an alert is activated on the worker’s Safety Device it sends a message to the WD600 LW system installed in or on the vehicle, guard shack, ATV, etc. The EntelNet Telematics system then uplinks the emergency message via the Iridium® satellite network, to ensure real-time notifications anywhere on earth.

Alert notifications are displayed on a dedicated website and sends e-mail and SMS alerts to designated recipients with the Worker’s ID, picture, personal information, time of alert and their GPS position.