Service Bulletins

These bulletins are provided to keep you up to date with your Faria Beede instruments. If you have any questions about a bulletin please call our Technical Support department at 800.473.2742.

SB12001 A THC618A Tachometer – Incompatibility with TKS Mercury engines used on Godfrey's 2012 Hurricane boats
SB12003 B Tachometers and Tach-Hourmeters – With the 2012 model year Yamaha made a change to the design of some of their engines which changed the signal used by Faria for tachometer input; where the Faria Tachometer and or Tachometer with Hour meter will work sporadically or not at all.
SB16001 A MG3000 - NMEA 2000 Program Updates – Faria Beede has issued a running change for programs running in MG3000 instruments used in NMEA 2000 installations.
SB16002 A MG3000 - Encore Trim and Depth – Instruments do not display Trim and Depth data with some Encore installed boats due to lack of required sensors