Faria Beede VMS Downloads

IS0442 A ETERM-C Installation Manual Owner's Manual
IS0425 A ETERM-C Quick Start Manual Reference Guide
IS0388 A 2 inch User Interface – Quick Start Manual Reference Guide
IS0239 A VMS Owner's Manual Owner's Manual
IS0263 B Faria VTERM Quick Start Manual Reference Guide
NOAA Southeast VMS Forms download
Instructions for installing Southeast NOAA forms from website download:
  1. Download the zipped archive (<100kb) "NOAA Southeast Forms"
  2. Unzip the file using a program like Winzip or other program.
  3. Put the file "Faria_WatchDog_Southeast_Forms_1.09_installer.exe" on a USB flash drive.
  4. Plug the USB flash drive into USB port on front of Vterm
  5. Open windows explorer on the Vterm (Start->Programs->Windows Explorer)
  6. Navigate to "\USBHardDisk" by double tapping on the "USBHardDisk" icon
  7. Double tap on the installer ("Faria_WatchDog_Southeast_Forms_1.09_installer.exe")
  8. Tap the "Run Update" button
  9. Wait for installer to copy files
  10. Installer will pop up a dialog after install finishes
  11. Stmail window may open and close on the screen – This is normal and expected. If Stmail window doesn’t close automatically tap "Hide" button
  12. Tap ok on installer pop-up
  13. Close installer by tapping the "X" in the upper right corner
  14. Remove Flash drive from Vterm
  15. Forms can be started using the "F2" button on the front of Vterm