Measures only 5.93" x 2.02" x .46"
(150mm x 51mm x 13mm)
Weight: 3.5 oz. (100 g)

Connected directly to the CAN Bus, Real-Time data is sent by the WD100 wireless module via Wi-Fi.

The data (GPS speed, Map position, Instrument data and CAN error codes) is displayed in an easy to read website by web browser or can be displayed on an Android™ device i.e. Smart Phone, Tablet using the Faria Beede Remote Monitoring app.

If you are having problems you are only a quick e-mail away from help. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Send your engine data into the cloud

(Not currently offered in the Aftermarket)

If in range of a known Wi-Fi Hotspot, the WD100 can load your trip and engine systems data automatically to the web. If a problem occurred during your trip a notice can be sent directly to the dealership so little concerns don't become big problems.

Remote Dashboard App

Built from the ground up to be a touch-based user interface. Each screen is optimized to maximize the touch screen. Large target areas ensure smooth operations even in the harshest environments.

  • Standard and Secondary instruments
  • Tank monitoring and control
  • Fuel Management
  • Error Codes

Customized application are available to OEM designers. Contact Faria Beede for information.

Advantages to Wi-Fi Remote Monitoring

  • No additional monthly costs
  • Send the engine and other critical data anywhere in the world to be diagnosed.
  • Helps reduce warranty costs and can help lessen repair time.
  • Data can be viewed on a secure website for remote systems diagnostics.
  • Easy to install! Simple Plug-N-Play tecnnology.