The MG3000 Tachometer features large lighted buttons with tactile feedback, LED back lighted dial, fog-resistant polycarbonate lens and plug and play connectorized cases. The daylight readable LCD is visible even in direct sunlight. A user-friendly, intuitive design makes navigating the menu interface easy to use. Customize the MG3000 with user definable screens and alarms. The MG3000 Tachometer connects to the CAN bus and communicates directly with the engine ECU. Engine data, fault codes and alarms are displayed on the Tachometer's LCD display*.

The MG3000 Tachometer is so much more than just a digital repeater. There are 3 Analog inputs which can be used for Air Temperature, Trim, Fuel Level and Water Pressure and a NMEA 0183 input for a GPS antenna for Lat/Long, Heading, COG and clock.

  • Utilizes both analog and digital inputs to reduce system cost
  • Easily connects to all engine bus protocols
  • GPS enabled to display GPS speed, COG, Lat/Long, Heading and Clock
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Stepper motor driven pointers
  • User definable screens and alarms
  • Deutsch or Packard marine connectors are Plug and Play
  • This system offers easy installation via a single wire connection
    and waterproof connectors from engine ECU to instruments.

  • LED lighting and RGB LEDs for multi-color light options
  • One button unit conversions
  • Engine Diagnostic Error codes stored in dedicated screen
  • Analog Depth, Air Temperature, Paddle wheel Pitot Speed, Trim, Fuel Level and Water Pressure inputs
  • LCD flashes Red for engine critical Alarms, Yellow for cautionary Alarms
  • Throttle Position displayed F•N•R on dial
  • Multiple 5-inch, 4-inch and 2 inch instrument and dash set options in Faria Standard series
  • Custom cosmetic options upon request


  • LCD data are available in 5 languages
  • Seasonal Data and Winterize modes
  • Pop-Up screens for quick information display and warnings
  • Alarm codes with suggested actions
  • Data log for fault codes
  • A single Tachometer can monitor up to 5 fuel tanks
  • System compatible with multiple engines
  • Calibration of Fuel Level, Trim, and Speed included
  • Initialization mode to assist in gauge set-up
  • Superior Sunlight readable display
  • IP67 Rated

Gauge Sizes Available:
4" - Hole size: 3.375" (85mm)
5" - Hole size: 4.375" (112mm)

Parts available
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