2" - Battery Condition indicators



Conventional voltmeters are very good at showing how many volts there are in your electrical system. While this is a good enough indication of your electrical systems operation, a voltmeter is all but useless when you need to know just how much energy is left in your battery.

A Battery Condition Indicator eliminates all the guesswork. The expanded scale accurately displays the battery's usable energy, telling you when to recharge.. even when it's time to replace your battery. A must where one or more batteries are used.

The Faria Battery Condition Indicator is an accurate and inexpensive solution for knowing exactly how much power remains in your battery.


  • Available for Voltage ranges from 12, 48 and 72 volts
  • Know how much energy is left in your battery
  • Works equally well on all 12 volt deep cycle and starting batteries, including sealed types
  • Back lit for night viewing or use in bad weather

Gauge Sizes Available
2" - Hole size: 2.0625" (53mm)

Parts available
Catalog # Factory # Description
VP71932"Battery Condition Indicator (12 VDC)
VP79012"Battery Condition Indicator (12 VDC)