Depth Sounders

Depth Sounders


Faria Engineers have incorporated the latest microprocessor technology and proprietary software designed to take advantage of today's high performance transducers. As a result this depth sounder out performs all others on the market in its high speed capabilities and accuracy when faced with various bottom conditions.

The Depth Sounders from Faria offer a 3-199 foot (61m) depth capability, with an automatic gain control, backlighting for maximum night vision, keel offset, and deep and shallow water alarms.

Depth can be read in meters*, and feet. With its oversized back-lit display depth can be easily read in any condition. Audible and Visual alarms let the boater know when a shallow or deep water condition exist. A programmable keel offset lets you adjust the offset from the keel at the display.

Add Temperature

The dual display of the Dual Temperature, Depth Sounder can also show temperature of the water and the ambient air temp.

* Some dual temperature, depth sounders have not been programmed for metric units.


  • Depth Range: 1- 61 meters (3 -199 feet)
  • Deep and Shallow water alarms
  • Programmable Keel off-set
  • Automatic Gain control
  • Back lighting for maximum night vision
  • Metric* or US standard units
  • Easy to install!
  • Dual Temp Depth Sounder displays Outside Air temperatures and Water temperatures from 32° F to 200°F.

Gauge Sizes Available
2" - Hole size: 2.0625" (53mm)

Parts available
Catalog # Factory # Description
DS01112"Depth Sounder (Thru-Hull Mounted Transducer)
DS10022"Depth Sounder with Air and Water Temperature (Transom Mounted Transducer)
DS01102"Depth Sounder (Transom Mounted Transducer)
DS01002"Depth Sounder (In-Hull Mounted Transducer)
DS10042"Depth Sounder with Air and Water Temperature (Transom Mounted Transducer)
DS01142"Depth Sounder (In-Hull Mounted Transducer)
DS01012"Depth Sounder (In-Hull Mounted Transducer)
DS01312"Depth Sounder (In-Hull Mounted Transducer)