Switches - Pressure

Switches - Pressure


Faria Pressure Switches feature close calibration for a wide range of applications. They provide dependable service under adverse conditions such as heat, vibration, moisture and corrosives.

One, two and three terminal commercial/industrial and military models are available with a wide range of pressure settings from 2 though 100 PSI. Repeatability is excellent.

Typical uses include low oil and air pressure warning devices and the activation or deactivation of hour meters, machinery and equipment functions.

Three terminal switch can be wired normally open or normally closed.


  • Housed in heavy plated steel stamping.
  • Spring loaded synthetic diaphragm for long trouble-free service.
  • Operating Range:
    • 2 - 100 PSI
    • Proof tested to 500 PSI
  • Factory set activation points permanently maintained.
  • 1/8" N.P.T.F. pipe fitting
  • Screw Terminals Standard
  • Blade Terminals available
  • 9 Amps Inductive
  • Value priced by purchase quantity
  • Ordering instructions:
    1. Specify model number
    2. Specify pressure setting at which
      switch is to activate
    3. Specify thread size.

Parts available
Catalog # Factory # Description
PS201715 PSI (+/- 1.5)1/8 NPT2 Terminal ClosedPSI----2902